The Black Gloves (2017)

We really loved Hex Studio's first two features Lord of Tears (2013) and The Unkindness of Ravens (2017) with their shared mythology of avian monsters and old school British  horror atmospherics, so we have been keenly following the development of their latest manifestation in the magnificent The Black Gloves. A prequel in effect to Lord... Continue Reading →

The Addams Family Musical

The Hothouse was in Edinburgh for the Beltane Fire Festival on 30 April so wanting to make the best of our trip we booked tickets for the closing night of The Addams Family Musical at the city's Festival Theatre the night before. Now I'm not a fan of the big broadway musical, I thought Phantom... Continue Reading →

Night Kaleidoscope (2017)

'Don't you know it's dangerous to walk home on your own?' daft question in a vampire movie especially when it's a raven tressed seductive woman doing the asking. Fresh from its preview screening at the Atlanta Days of the Dead Horror Convention, Grant McPhee's psychedelic Scottish Vampire Noir Night Kaleidoscope is now out on Amazon... Continue Reading →

Baobhan Sith (White Fairy) (2017, Scotland)

Back in October 2015 we talked to director David Hutchison about his forthcoming Celtic horror feature Baobhan Sith (pronounced Bavanshee you Sassenach bystanders) (White Fairy) which was then soon to start the festival rounds. The great news is that Baobhan Sith (White Fairy) is now available to stream from Amazon and it's a lot of... Continue Reading →

Samhuinn Fire Festival 2015

The Hothouse has returned from its weekend in Edinburgh and a very good time it had there too. Aside from the magnificent Samhuinn Fire Festival, a visit was made to the brand new Surgeons Hall Museum at The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in Nicholson Street (admission £6) where aside from lots of pickled... Continue Reading →

Samhuinn Fire Festival

The Hothouse will be off air for a few days as we are off to celebrate the Samhuinn Fire Festival in Scotland's most haunted city Edinburgh. This year the show is taking place in the Grassmarket and the kick off for the ritual death of the summer king and the resurrection of the winter king... Continue Reading →

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