Kaleidoscope (2019)

Former jailbird Carl (Toby Jones) is trying to go straight with a gardening business, however when loud knocking on his sink estate flat door wakes him up and there's nobody at the door he knows something is wrong, and its not just the banging hangover. In the kitchen he finds a glass with lipstick traces... Continue Reading →

Possum (2018)

Possum is the first feature film from writer/director Matthew Holness, the creator and star of the Channel 4 horror spoof Garth Marenghi's Dark Place. However Possum, which is on general release in UK cinemas now is anything but funny. Possum follows the story of disgraced children’s puppeteer Philip (Sean Harris), who returns to the burnt... Continue Reading →

Raw (2016)

Bring a sick bucket the tabloids yell about Julia Ducournau's Raw, don't they just love it, a movie featuring cannibalism set in a veterinary college and it's in French too so no worries about Mail or Express readers ever going to watch this film. Which would be a shame, because yes Raw has its gruesome... Continue Reading →

Horror Brought to Life: Phobia (2014) at the CUT!

Twas the last CUT! before Christmas when all through London’s Horse Hospital, not a creature  was stirring… Except when something really scary happened! Yes the final CUT! presentation before Christmas, Phobia was a bit of a roller coaster, with shocks coming thick and fast. MacKinlay (Michael Jefferson) is an agoraphobic who hasn’t left his apartment in a dark New York... Continue Reading →

Unearthly Stranger (1963)

Well, you wait for ages for some Cold War era Brit Sci-fi flicks and then two of them come along together! Hot on the heels of 1965’s Invasion from our friends at Network comes Unearthly Stranger. Unearthly Stranger’s paranoia comes in at a more subtle tack to that of Invasion. Scientists at Britain’s  Royal Institute of Space Research are close to... Continue Reading →

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