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Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell (2014) AKA The Japanese Evil Dead


Remember those glorious grainy Japanese VHS nasties from the 1980s, well Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell is a long-lost ‘forgotten video nasty’ originally filmed between 1995 and 2009. Shinji (director and writer… Continue reading

Kiseijuu AKA Parasyte Part One (2014)


One of the lucky spin offs from the Manga fan Goth Daughter’s visits is that I get to see cool stuff like Kiseijuu. Based upon the top-selling Manga by Hitoshi Iwaaki, Kiseijuu tell… Continue reading

Tokyo Tribe (2014)


In a dystopian future Japan, Tokyo is divided into a number of lawless ‘hoods’, which are home to their own unique street gangs or ‘tribes’. The tribes are all pretty evenly matched, keeping… Continue reading

Horror Brought to Life: Greatful Dead (2013) at the Final CUT!


When Nick Romano said “Live fast, die young and have a good-looking corpse!”* he could have been talking about The Cut!, London’s best underground cinema club, sadly after four and half years Bizarre… Continue reading

Why the Greatest Ghost Movies are from Japan


By this point, whether you absolutely love horror or just watch the occasional horror film, then you are aware of some of the Asian remakes like Ring in Hollywood. However, other than the hype Ring received, many… Continue reading

The Grudge (2004)


The Grudge (2004) is much like The Ring (2002) in the sense that I could watch both movies over and over again. Both are American remakes of Japanese horror films with similar themes: innocent… Continue reading

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