Whisper review

  Steve and Melody are looking for somewhere to make a fresh start away from the hustle and noise of the big city. When they find Hope House, a 200-year-old cottage set deep within Oakwell Forest, it’s love at first sight as far as Melody is concerned, Steve’s not so sure, but goes along for... Continue Reading →

Indie Buzz: Frankenstein’s Monster (2013) review

Billed as a Steampunk-light adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic, First Step Cinematics Frankenstein’s Monster, shows just what independent filmmakers can achieve with a ‘production budget equal to the cost of a motorcycle’ and a bucket load of enthusiasm. This is one of the most faithful adaptations of Shelley’s narrative that I have ever seen, despite... Continue Reading →

Dark Corners Review

A hospital patient with no vital signs but full of life, a job offer for a Death Row prisoner and a mob enforcer who finds religion goes and knocks on the wrong old lady’s door wanting to talk about God. These are just a few of the stories to be found inside Michael Bray’s Dark... Continue Reading →

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