The Host (2020)

A heroin smuggling operation turns into something a lot more gruesome in The Host, the latest movie from director Andy Newbery, which is out today (17 April) on VOD platforms. Robert Atkinson (Mike Beckingham) is a banker with a gambling problem. In hock to Lau Hoi Ho, a Chinese casino owner (Togo Igawa) he agrees... Continue Reading →

CULT – London Horror Festival advance Warning

Our London Horror Festival willing victims for today are producer Eleanor Rushton and director Asia Osbourne from the award winning ONEOHONE Theatre Company, who will be bringing their interactive horror show CULT to the Pleasance Theatre at 9:30pm Monday 14 to Wednesday 16 October. 'ONEOHONE Theatre Company was founded in 2009.' Eleanor told us, 'We... Continue Reading →

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