I Am Monsters at The London Horror Festival

In our opinion Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser's chattering cenobite) is one of the nicest men in horror so we just had to go and see his one man show I Am Monsters as it opened 2019's London Horror Festival at Islington's Pleasance Theatre. With a run time of around an hour we had just about enough... Continue Reading →

The Black Gloves (2017)

We really loved Hex Studio's first two features Lord of Tears (2013) and The Unkindness of Ravens (2017) with their shared mythology of avian monsters and old school British  horror atmospherics, so we have been keenly following the development of their latest manifestation in the magnificent The Black Gloves. A prequel in effect to Lord... Continue Reading →

Borley Rectory at Grimmfest 2017

Here at Hothouse dungeons we have been looking forward to seeing Ashley Thorpe's Borley Rectory for some time now (see interview with Ashley here), so we were delighted when those nice folks at Manchester's premier horror movie spooktacular Grimmfest invited us along to see it. Ashley's part live action, part animated documentary take on the... Continue Reading →

The Black Gloves – Kickstarter

The Owlman is back! Yes the star of Lawrie Brewster and Sara Daly's Lord of Tears is not only coming back to haunt the silver screen, but he's going back in time to scare the blue lights out of the 1940s, but in glorious Film Noir monochrome of course. Now the folks at Hex Media... Continue Reading →

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