Zombie Bites review

What is it about zombies that has caught the contemporary horror fan’s imagination? Sure, they are pretty nasty with all that brain eating and shambling about making the place look really untidy, and I bet they pong pretty bad too, but on the other hand they ain’t too bright and are pretty easy to kill. We get... Continue Reading →

Unearthly Stranger (1963)

Well, you wait for ages for some Cold War era Brit Sci-fi flicks and then two of them come along together! Hot on the heels of 1965’s Invasion from our friends at Network comes Unearthly Stranger. Unearthly Stranger’s paranoia comes in at a more subtle tack to that of Invasion. Scientists at Britain’s  Royal Institute of Space Research are close to... Continue Reading →

Invasion (1965)

Drinking and driving is a bad idea, especially when the army radar is picking up mysterious flying objects that are too small to be the old British Air Ferries transporters on the way back from Le Tourquet. That’s what Lawrence Blackburn (Anthony Sharp) discovered back in 1965 when a rubber suited man (Eric Young) staggered out... Continue Reading →

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