Eden – by Tim Lebbon

We are always excited to have a new book by Tim Lebbon to review and Eden, which has just been published by our good friends at Titan Books, steps into similar territory as  2015s The Silence where folks have to face up to an environmental disaster, kind of like a modern day John Wyndham. So... Continue Reading →

Cursed: Edited by Marie O’Regan and Paul Kane

Titan Books can generally be relied upon to bring to us anthologies containing the best of modern short stories and Cursed's editors Marie O'Regan and Paul Kane already have a tasty bit of previous with the fabulous collection Wonderland, that contained stories based upon or inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice stories. Cursed kind of comes... Continue Reading →

Relics by Tim Lebbon

We like Tim Lebbon at the Hothouse. He's a very adaptable writer who contributed some seriously good stuff to the Alien/Predator franchise with the Rage War trilogy and novelised big genre movies like Kong Skull Island and The Cabin in the Woods, but its he really comes into his own when he lets rip with... Continue Reading →

Predator Incursion – Tim Lebbon

Predator Incursion is the first book of the Rage War trilogy set in 20th Century Fox's Predator/Alien universe. So here we are in 2692 and humanity is busy terraforming and settling planets in the far reaches of the galaxy when those pesky Predators or Yautja turn up and start creating mayhem. Well nothing much out... Continue Reading →

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