Bone Harvest by James Brogden

It's our opinion that James Brogden is the greatest living writer of folk horror in the UK. We loved his previous books Hekla's Children, The Hollow Tree and The Plague Stones, but we think his latest novel Bone Harvest is the best yet. Dennie lives on the outskirts of a Staffordshire town with Viggo her... Continue Reading →

Aliens Phalanx by Scott Sigler

We at the Hothouse are big fans of James Bushe's short filmPredator: Dark Ages which pitches a medieval Templar knight against the same beast that made mincemeat out of Arnie's mates in Predator (1987). This of course set us wondering what would happen if Alien Xenomorphs came up against armored medieval warriors. Well now we... Continue Reading →

The Breach – by M.T. Hill

Just recently published in the UK by our good friends at Titan Books M.T. Hill's The Breach takes us into a uneasy future Britain where there are self driving cars that track your movements, private police forces with the power to ransom anyone they arrest and much better internet connectivity that comes at am enormous... Continue Reading →

Re-Coil – by J T Nicholas

I do like the title of Re-Coil, the new Sci-fi novel from American writer J T Nicholas, which has just been published by Titan Books. In the not too far distant future death has ceased to be so much of a problem since bio-technologists discovered how to isolate a personality into a synthetic core, which... Continue Reading →

Eden – by Tim Lebbon

We are always excited to have a new book by Tim Lebbon to review and Eden, which has just been published by our good friends at Titan Books, steps into similar territory as  2015s The Silence where folks have to face up to an environmental disaster, kind of like a modern day John Wyndham. So... Continue Reading →

Anno Dracula 1999 Daikaiju by Kim Newman

One hundred years on from the events related in Anno Dracula: One Thousand Monsters, the Yokai Town Bund, given over to the vampire refugees from Prince Dracula's England is about to revert to being part of Tokyo. It's self styled queen Christina Light is throwing a party to celebrate the dawning of the new millennium... Continue Reading →

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