Say Your Prayers (2020, UK)

Two orphaned brothers are brought up in the loving care of Church of England vicar Father Enoch (Derek Jacobi). What could possibly go wrong? Well radicalised by Enoch's extremist Christian teachings hardnut Vic (Tom Brooke) and his sensitive brother Tim (Harry Melling) are sent off to the Ilkley Literary Festival where the celebrated atheist Professor... Continue Reading →

Chatroom (2010, UK)

Out now on Amazon Prime, Chatroom takes us into the murky and dangerous world of internet internet chat rooms. Will (Aaron Johnson) invites four vulnerable youngsters battling with their own mental health and personality issues to join him in the Chelsea Teens! Chat room. Locked into the group Will exploits his victims weaknesses by hacking into... Continue Reading →

Code 404

Just a few years from today and undercover London copper John Major (Daniel Mays) is gunned down in a sting that goes horribly wrong. What's the force to do? Major is their top detective and totally irreplaceable? Fear not innocent bystanders because Dr. Alison Parfit (Amanda Payton) is heading up a secret special artificial intelligence... Continue Reading →


Bill is a short Horror film from Dan Gitsham and Sophie Mair about a grieving woman who uses the dark arts to see her dead husband once more. We tracked the filmmakers and life partners down to Sketchbook Pictures HQ to find out more. 'Bill is small but personal project for us. It's a DIY,... Continue Reading →

Pandamonium (2020)

Your first day at work can be a daunting experience. For Arielle (Oriana Charles) the office junior and Daniel (Will Jones) newly promoted to the 6th floor at law firm Killmore and Percival in MJ Dixon's and Mycho's latest horror chiller Pandamonium it might just be deadly. The guys on the 6th floor at Killmore... Continue Reading →

The Courier (2019)

Just out on DVD in the UK and a meagre £8 in our local Sainsburys is The Courier, an action packed thriller from Signature Entertainment. A leather clad motorcycle courier (Olga Kurylenko) is set up to deliver a package containing a lethal gas bomb to a secure London location where the scared and weedy Nick... Continue Reading →

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