Bliss (2019)

Vampirism, bloody violence, drugs, nudity, sex and art, just the sort of things we like here at the Hothouse and they are to found in glorious excess in Bliss, the latest film from Joe Begos, which is out now on Blu-ray in the UK from our good friends at Eureka. Dezzy (Dora Madison) an LA... Continue Reading →

Crucible of the Vampire (2018)

Crucible of the Vampire is the second film as director by Iain Ross-McNamee who helmed one of our favourite films of 2015 The Singing Bird Will Come. Where The Singing Bird Will Come trod the line between psychological thriller and supernatural chiller Crucible of the Vampire is more of an old school British Gothic that... Continue Reading →

Cool Blood Walk by Jack Swift

Our good friends at Red Rattle Books can always be relied upon to bring us something out of the ordinary and Jack Swift's Cool Blood Walk is no ordinary vampire story. Dot Gibbs is a middle-aged black woman making ends meet with three dead-end jobs in a village near Bangor. Her teenage daughter Sarah is... Continue Reading →

Indie Buzz – Seize the Night Trailer

The Hothouse is getting pretty hot under the collar about forthcoming Brit Horror short Seize the Night. It's a vampire thriller in the mould of Underworld or Blade and stars Hothouse pal Emma Dark (formerly known as Darke Morte) as vampireĀ assassin Eva. Emma told us 'The story follows EVA, a renegade vampire assassin, on her... Continue Reading →

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