Mara (2018, USA)

Mara which has just been released to stream on Amazon Prime comes from the producers of Insidious. Criminal psychologist Kate Fuller (Olga Kurylenko, Quantum of Solace and The Courier) is assigned to the murder of Matthew, whose wife Helena (Rosie Felner) has seemingly strangled him in his sleep and the only witness is Sophie (Mackenzie... Continue Reading →

The Woman in Black (1989, UK)

Originally broadcast on Christmas Eve 1989 as a festive ghost story on the UK ITV network, Herbert Wise's The Woman in Black has finally been restored and released on Blu-ray, after spending almost 30 years in video purgatory. Far too long we say! Adapted from Susan Hill's book by Quatermass creator Nigel Kneale The Woman... Continue Reading →

Bless the Child (2000 USA)

Bless the Child, which has just been released on Amazon Prime by Signature Entertainment, is part of the wave of Biblical horrors released to cash in on the turn of the Millennium that includes: The Seventh Sign (1998); Stigmata (1999) End of Days (1999) and Lost Souls (2000).¬† Kim Basinger is Maggie a New York... Continue Reading →

Gallowwalkers (2012 USA)

Turning the spectacular deserts of Namibia into the wilderness of the wild west the appropriately named Andrew Goth's supernatural western Gallowwalkers has just been released on Amazon Prime from Signature Entertainment. Wesley Snipes in Aman, a resurrected gunfighter cursed to have to kill once again everyone that he killed before his own death as the... Continue Reading →

Ghosts of War (2020 USA)

Given the true gruesome horror of warfare and the Nazis interest in the occult its curious that there haven't been that many crossovers between the war and horror movie genres, discounting of course the recent trend toward cheapie Nazi zombie/super soldier flicks. In Ghosts of War Writer director Eric Bress has a bunch of five... Continue Reading →

Belzebuth (2019, Mexico)

Mexican Police Lieutenant Emmanuel Ritter (Joaquin Cosio) is celebrating the birth of his new son when a nurse goes postal with a blade in the maternity unit. Thus with the most disturbing scene I have ever witnessed in a horror movie opens Emilio Portes's demonic possession horror Belzebuth, which has just been released on VOD,... Continue Reading →

Mr. Vampire (1985)

Produced, but not starring Sammo Hung, Mr Vampire is the movie that kick (see what I did there?) started the Hong Kong jiangshi or hopping vampire craze. Spawning at least four sequels and a whole host of imitators a 2K Blu-ray restoration of the 1985 original will be released worldwide¬†on 20 July as part of... Continue Reading →

Bad Acid – Now Free to View

One of our favourite film shorts, David Chaudior's Bad Acid is now free to view on YouTube. In the film washed up stage magician Marvin Maskelyn discovers a mind altering acid tab inside a middle eastern lamp that he buys as a stage prop from a mysterious antiques shop. Unfortunately Maskelyn's trip opens up a... Continue Reading →

The Scroll of Morlock Free to View

Robert Weine's Weimar Expressionist Horror classic The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) is 100 years old this year. One of the most important of all genre films it, along with Murnau's Nosferatu (1922), was the inspiration for Dash Finley and Evan Scott's rather wonderful film tribute The Scroll of Morlock. Rae Gray plays Kelly a... Continue Reading →


Bill is a short Horror film from Dan Gitsham and Sophie Mair about a grieving woman who uses the dark arts to see her dead husband once more. We tracked the filmmakers and life partners down to Sketchbook Pictures HQ to find out more. 'Bill is small but personal project for us. It's a DIY,... Continue Reading →

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