The Cutting Room (2015)

Louisa Adams as Clara
Louisa Adams as Clara

Raz, (Pary Glasspool) Charlie (Lucy Jane Quinlan) and Jess (Lydia Orange) are about to start work on their end of term media studies project. Taking cyberbullying as the subject they set about making a documentary, complete with DVD extras. Taking a lead from the disappearance of two local girls they set about interviewing their friends and relatives and seem to be getting nowhere until a chance remark leads them to an abandoned army barracks deep within the woods.

Here deep within the dank and dark labyrinth of tunnels they cease to be fearless investigative reporters and instead become prey.

Pary Glasspool as Raz
Pary Glasspool as Raz

Yes Brit indie horror The Cutting Room is a found footage movie, but it is a very good one. Now I know found footage is getting a bit tired, but the reason this movie works is largely due to it having a very plausible plot with a very real monster. The movie is nicely acted by the three young leads, but for me the icing on the cake is killer’s underground lair. Newhaven Fort in East Sussex, with its seemingly endless network of decaying brick tunnels, illuminated only by the beam of a torch is claustrophobically scary enough to make you think twice about going downstairs with the lights off at night!

At last a plausible found footage film that actually delivers real in your face chills I give The Cutting Room a 666/666

The Cutting Room is released on 1 June and is available from Tesco, HMV, iTunes and Amazon


DVD Extras include a making of documentary that includes ‘Dickhead’ by Maid of Ace

Media studies teacher Mark Kallis is played by TJ Herbert the nephew of legendary Brit Horror author James Herbert while executive producer John Herbert is his brother.


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